January 23 solar eclipse horoscope

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This particular saros cycle of eclipses will continue to become more central as time goes on. The final total lunar eclipse of the series occurs on August 2 nd , AD, and the saros finally ends way out on June 26 th , Eclipses, both lunar and solar, have also made their way into the annuals of history.

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A rising partial eclipse greeted the defenders of Constantinople in , fulfilling a prophecy in the mind of the superstitious when the city fell to the Ottoman Turks seven days later. The rising partial eclipse as seen from Constantinople on May 22nd All thoughts to ponder as you watch the April 4 th total lunar eclipse. You know the one. As the old saying goes, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. But never let reality get in the way of a good viral meme.

As eclipse season 2 of 2 gets underway tonight with a total lunar eclipse followed by a partial solar eclipse on October 23rd both visible from North America, the image is once again making its rounds. A partial solar eclipse as captured by SDO. As a consequence, it nearly has a similar vantage point as terrestrial viewers and frequently nabs passages of the Moon as solar eclipses occur.

Such events, however, are fleeting; moving at about eight kilometres per second, such eclipses last only seconds in duration! Catching the passage of the Moon during a brief partial eclipse. Credit: ESA. It also catches sight of the occasional solar eclipse, and these fleeting passages of the Moon in front of the Earth happen in quick multiple cycles. Recent images from Proba-2 are available online. Such a view also takes the motion of the ISS in low Earth orbit into account.

Cosmonauts aboard the late Mir space station also caught sight of the August 11 th , , total solar eclipse over Europe. The final mission of Apollo program, the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project , also yielded an unusual and little known effort to observe the Sun. A partial solar eclipse snapped by the crew of Gemini XII. On November 12 th , , a total solar eclipse graced South America. Astronauts James Lovell Jr.

The transit of Venus as seen from the ISS. We were fortunate that the International Space Station had its very own amateur astronomer in residence in to witness the historic transit of Venus from space. NASA astronaut Don Pettit knew that the transit would occur during his rotation, and packed a full-aperture white light solar filter for the occasion. On February 10 th , , it also managed to catch a high definition view of the Earth eclipsing the Sun as seen from lunar orbit.

A rare catch, such an event occurs during every lunar eclipse as seen from the Earth. Curiosity captures a misshapen eclipse from the surface of Mars. But bizarre eclipses and transits can also be seen from Mars. For example, no human has yet to stand on the Moon and witness a solar eclipse. This is the second and final total lunar eclipse of , and the second of four in a quartet series of lunar eclipses known as a tetrad. And the good news is, the eclipse once again favors nearly all of North America.

From the western U.

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The western U. The Moon will be high in the sky during totality for the Hawaiian Islands, and viewers in Australia and the Pacific Far East will witness the eclipse in the evening hours. The visibility regions for the total lunar eclipse. This lunar eclipse is part of saros , and marks number 42 of a series of 72 for that particular saros.

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Not all total lunar eclipses are the same when it comes to color. Remember, the Moon is experiencing a total solar eclipse as we watch the lunar eclipse unfold!

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The October 8th total solar eclipse as seen from the Apollo 11 landing site on the nearside of the Moon. Created using Stellarium. This color can be quantified and described on what is known as the Danjon Scale , with 0 being a very dark eclipse with the Moon barely visible, to a 4, meaning a very bright eclipse. The footprint of the October 8th occultation of Uranus by the Moon during totality. Credit: Occult 4. But a truly rare event does occur during this eclipse, as the Moon actually occults passes in front of the planet Uranus during totality for observers in northern Alaska and northeast Asia.

The rest of us in the observing zone will see a near miss. Can you spy Uranus with binoculars near the lunar limb during totality? An outstanding sequence of images taken during the April 15th, , total lunar eclipse.

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Try this a few evenings before the big event. The Moon versus Uranus as seen from Napa, California just past mid-eclipse on the morning of October 8th. Credit: Starry Night Education Software.

As always, weather prospects are the big question mark when it comes to eclipses. Typically, the southwestern U. Up for a challenge? This time around, such a capture should be possible across southern coastal California and the Baja peninsula just minutes prior to the onset of totality. A shadow pass of the International Space Station just prior to the onset of totality. Note the position of the Moon.

Created using Orbitron.

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Another bizarre catch, known as a selenelion — witnessing the end of lunar totality after sunrise — may just be possible across the northeastern U. The more elevation you can get the better! This works because the Moon lingers a bit in the large shadow of the Earth, plus atmospheric refraction gives the low altitude Sun and Moon a slight boost. On the wrong side of the planet? You can watch the eclipse online at the following links:. Well, lunar eclipse number three of the four eclipse tetrad occurs next year on April 4 th , … but in just two weeks time, the western United States and Canada will also witness a fine partial solar eclipse on Oct 23 rd ….

Got images of the total lunar eclipse? Interested in eclipse sci-fi? Check out our latest short stories Exeligmos and Shadowfall. Got clear skies? And as the Moon returns to the evening skies, all eyes turn to the astronomical action transpiring low to the southwest at dusk. Discovered in the early 19 th century, Ceres and Vesta enjoyed planetary status initially before being relegated to the realm of the asteroids, only to make a brief comeback in before once again being purged along with Pluto to dwarf planet status.

The Moon approaches Saturn on the evening of September 28th as seen from latitude 30 degrees north.

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  • Credit: Stellarium. On Sunday September 28 th , the four day old Moon will actually occult pass in front of Saturn, Ceres, and Vesta in quick succession. The Saturn occultation is part of a series of 12 in an ongoing cycle. This particular occultation is best for Hawaiian-based observers on the evening of September 28 th.

    Both are now over six degrees apart and slowly widening.

    protletnignross.gq The rest of us will see a close but photogenic conjunction of the trio and the Moon. To our knowledge, an occultation of Ceres or Vesta by the dark limb of the Moon has yet to be recorded.

    Where the Eclipse Was Seen

    Vesta also reaches perihelion this week on September 23 rd at UT, about 2. Credit : Andrew Symes FailedProtostar. The reappearance of the Moon in the evening skies is also a great time to try your hand or eyes at the fine visual athletic sport of waxing crescent moon-spotting. First sighting opportunities will occur over the South Pacific on the same evening, with worldwide opportunities to spy the razor-thin Moon low to the west the following night.

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